Nunyara Social Work is registered to provide many support services for the participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Services include:

Support Coordination

Assistance in coordinating and managing life stages and Support. Participant plans may include one or more of the following:

  • Support Connection – Where we will assist you to implement your plan, strengthen and increase your capacity to maintain support services.

  • Support Coordination – Coordinate critical times and times of crisis by coordinating services from a range of services.

  • Specialist Support Coordination – Focuses on addressing barriers to support and reducing complexities being experienced.

Therapeutic Supports

Assist participants aged 7 years and over to build their capability and reduce their barriers to practice independence with all areas of their lives. Our team help to build better relationship and interpersonal skills.


At Nunyara Social Work we specialise in a number of key areas of counselling, including:

  1. Child and Adolescent counselling

  2. Family Therapy

  3. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health

  4. Anxiety and Depression

  5. Trauma and Behaviour

  6. Grief and Loss

  7. Mediation

  8. Family Dispute Resolution

  9. Family Breakdown

  10. Fertility and Surrogacy

Group Therapy

Group Counselling, which is appropriate to the participants needs.

Behaviour Supports

Specialist intervention that aims to address harmful or ongoing behaviours. This is provided by our Mental Health Specialist that has specific tertiary skills and knowledge in how to address problematic behaviour.

Early Childhood Supports

Supports children aged 0-6 who have a delay or disability and their families. Nunyara Social Work helps families to build skills that enable participation and have the best life outcomes possible.

Innovation Community Participation

Services that allow participants to access opportunities in community participation and employment.